The Wild Boars

We salute you, with two fingers of course! for having Gentleman vegetables (or lady gardens) magnificent enough to even consider visiting our illustrious shop.

What started as a foray with my Father into the unknown, lead into a folly of escapades across the continent, where we often have the same question ringing in our ears...




Pigs Might Fly my Father and I used to exclaim if we ever dared to dream of venturing across the English Channel to watch the endurance racing in France.

With Father’s Day and a landmark 60th Birthday approaching in 2006, it was merde or bust! We finally had the catalyst to get into gear and shift our pale, skinny, white derriere’s!

No blood or sweat were given, but other juices were certainly flowing, as we winged it to La Sarthe to witness our first Le Mans 24 Hours, so sacré bleu we finally made it happen... Pigs Will Fly!

Every year since 2006 our “Rally’s” have grown as we have laughed in the face of fear, tweaked the nipple of danger and as our name suggests, embraced rather than scoff over-ambition!




Spectacles, testicles, wallet, watch were all we needed on those early road trips. Packing lightly and drinking heavily in the atmosphere (and alcohol at times!) of the greatest motor race in the world!

Along the way we converted more bores to "Wild Boars" as people came along for the ride. Press interviews, charitable causes and novelty t-shirts followed. All of this helped get us on the road to threading our way through to glory, as we have honed our events and improved the quality of our products.

Our legendary “Pit Walks” spawned our now infamous “Steve McQueen” inspired overalls. Every fibre of our raison d'être oozes through the fibres of our motoring clothing, like oil through a combustion engine!




Sharing our enthusiasm and knowledge, our ethos is about having fun and a positive attitude, bringing people together to enjoy our unique style.

Be it in body, spirit, mind, or hogging about on one of our Rally’s. Follow us on social media, or be a custodian of some "PWF Original" Authentic Apparel.

Our merchandise is designed and printed in the UK and will help keep your "Right foot down" and "British end up" whatever road you take!

Matt Mitchell